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             The name " Benjarong " means the Thai ceramic pottery. Benjarong is the ceramics from Thailand. Thai Benjarong ceramic pottery is undoubtedly one of the most significant part of Asian ceramics. The delicate craftsmanship and the serene designs reflect the calmness and dedication of the Thai craftsman to an art that has grown popular the world over. Benjarong ceramics were used in religious ceremonies in The grand palaces of ancient Siam for a very long time. With the beuaty of Benjarong pottery, we use it for decoration, and use it for food containers. 

            Our cuisine was found in 2008. It locates at 1968 Lombard St,  San Francisco,  CA 94123. We have experience in Thai cooking for over 15 years in Thailand. Since then, we would like to share our traditional Thai food to foreigners, therefore, we open our cuisine in San Francisco.

             We choose the best Thai herbs and vegetables from the farmer market for our cooking. You will find the real taste of our Thai food like you are eating in Thailand. Please feel free to stop by our cuisine and try our food in a nice & clean environment.

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